Sparkle Candle
Sparkle Candle

Sparkle Candle

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If you're celebrating a birthday with a birthday cake, you're going to need candles. Some say candles are lit on birthdays as it represents the light of life. If that's really the case, then we think that's beautiful and that candles are a special necessity for birthday cakes.  Our sparkler candle is fun, merry and simply lights up the room. It's like mini fireworks on your cake - very pretty and exciting. 

Apart from birthdays, sparkler candles are great for celebrations of any kind. You'll definitely have a ton of fun watching the sparkles, and we bet you'll enjoy seeing your loved ones smile in awe at the glittering lights. 

How to Use
Insert the pointy red end into the cake. Light the circular top. 

Precautionary measures 
Please keep a safe distance from the sparkler candle once it has been lit up. Do note that blowing won't put the candle out. The candle will be blown out automatically once the burning life ends. This sparkle candle can last for approximately 15-20 seconds.


Body Length: 15cm
Holder Length:  2.5cm