Petit Gateaux - Afternoon Treat

Petit Gateaux - Afternoon Treat

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**Fully Booked on 22 November. 

Petit gâteaux mean 'little cakes' in French. This Petit Gateaux Box is the mini version of our whole cake collection. All our cakes are carefully hand-crafted using the finest ingredients with no artificial preservative and flavouring. 

This Petit Gateaux Set is available for delivery/pickup on every TUESDAY and SUNDAY ONLY. [AT LEAST 1 DAY PREORDER, BY 6PM] Customised combination is not allowed. 

  1. Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline
    Incredibly moist and robust dark chocolate flavour along with the crunchy and nutty hazelnut praline.
    Components: Hazelnut praline feuilletine, dark chocolate Cremeux, dark chocolate sponge, Valrhona Caraibe mousse, caramel glaze.
  2. Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart
    A balanced sweet and sour taste with a super refreshing yuzu aroma! 
    Components: Sweet tart crust, Almond Joconde, Kochi Yuzu curd, Chantilly Cream, Yuzu Mango Curd & Edible Gold Leaf. 
  3. Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse
    Smooth and creamy milk chocolate and raspberry mousse balanced with refreshing raspberry compote.
    Components: Raspberry compote, raspberry glaze, raspberry milk chocolate mousse, raspberry marmalade, dark chocolate sponge and dark chocolate sponge.
  4. Petit Gateau Fromage
    Dense, smooth and creamy cheesecake consistency with a hint of lemon. The most classic combination of the original cheesecake with our hand-made crunchy almond base.
    Components: Mascarpone chantilly cream, bake Philadelphia cheesecake and California Almond crunchy base.

Weight: 100g++ /pc
Serving size: 1 pax /pc

    Allergy Information

    Contains flour, dairy, egg & nut.

    Storage Instruction

    • Best to consume within 2 days
    • Please keep the petit gateaux refrigerated (0-4 °C) for at least 30 minutes before serving.