Petit Gateaux - Teatime Set

Petit Gateaux - Teatime Set

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Petit gâteaux mean 'little cakes' in French. Our petit gateaux are mini versions of most of our whole cakes. They're petit but full of flavor. These dainty and elegant delicacies are carefully handcrafted using only the finest ingredients with no artificial flavoring and preservatives. Our petit gateaux get our customers going and is especially enjoyed for teatime, birthdays and special occasions.  

  1. Pistachio Raspberry
    Rich and earthy pistachio is wonderfully paired with the fruity taste of raspberry. This delicate and subtle flavor is great with a cup of tea. It's mild and sweet - perfect to wind down and relax.  
    Components: Pistachio crunch base, Pistachio joconde, Raspberry marmalade, Pistachio gourmet glaze, Pistachio ganache whip, Fresh raspberry, Edible silver leaf.  
  2. Chocolate Caramel Mixed Nut Tart
    Sweet and salty, nutty and crunchy - this treat is perfect for nut-lovers! It's the least sweet out of the 4 and gives you the most satisfying crunch. Sit back, have a cup of coffee and relax with our mixed nut tart.
    Components: Almond sweet tart crust, Belgium chocolate ganache, Sea salt caramel mixed nuts & dried fruits (pistachio nut, hazelnut, almond nut, apricot, cranberry, raisin) and Chantilly Cream.
  3. Citron Tart
    The sweetness of the crunchy tart paired with a delightful lemon curd makes this chic treat a great refreshment. Popular among our customers, this darling dessert is light and gentle with a lot of flavor.
    Components: Almond sweet tart crust, Lemon curd, Lemon cream, Chantilly cream, Lemon Peel and Lemon thyme.
  4. Salted Caramel Saint-Honore
    Salted caramel milk chocolate whip is paired with a nutty praline base and fluffy choux puffs made out of milk chocolate and stuffed with caramel. This comforting treat is the right amount of sweet and salty, with not one overpowering the other.
    Components: Almond praline crunch, Salted caramel ganache whip, Choux puff and Edible gold leaf.


Weight / Serving Size / Allergens

Weight and Measurements
Weight: 100g++/pc
Diameter: 6cm-8cm

Serving Size
1 serving each

Allergens and Diet Restrictions
Almond, Dairy, Egg, Gelatine, Gluten, Hazelnut