2022 Chinese New Year Fortune Box

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This sleek and modern 2022 CNY cookie gift box is designed akin to a fortune box to symbolise luck and prosperity, and to add even more ONG to your Chinese New Year! Every CNY cookie this box presents you with takes the shape of a circle to signify a copper coin(铜钱) which represents the welcoming of fortune! It's fun, festive, and sophisticated - you (and the kids!) will be on your toes, excited to get your hands on them! As an extra treat (and for some extra huat), we've included some exclusive eye-catching fortune-cookies-inspired angpaos and an exciting interactive poster!

This set includes:

  • 6 Pcs x Earl Grey Pineapple Tart
  • 1 Jar x Dark Chocolate Praline Shortbread Sandwich
  • 1 Jar x Sea Salt Sablé
  • 1 Jar x Black Sesame Shortbread Sandwich
  • 1 Jar x Pistachio Diamond Cookie
  • 1 x Interactive CNY Poster 
  • 4 x Red Packets

Earl Grey Pineapple Tart 伯爵茶黄梨酥
A crumbly buttery biscuit is generously stuffed with a beautiful aromatic pineapple paste filling made from scratch and elevated by the refreshing floral notes of earl grey. It's an instant puff of flowery fragrance, with a soft richness of tangy-sweet buttery goodness. 

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread  Sandwich 巧克力榛果夹心饼
A charismatic union of 54.5% Dark Belgian Chocolate and a toasty sweet handmade hazelnut praline paste. Taste a delightful flutter of rich bittersweet goodness with deep undertones of roasted coffee and a charming sweet and buttery chocolate hazelnut filling.  This shortbread has appeared in all our limited edition cookie gift boxes because you guys keep asking us to bring them back (wish granted!).  

Black Sesame Shortbread Sandwich  黑芝麻夹心饼
Crunchy butter biscuits sandwiches a nutty, slightly bitter taste of black sesame seeds with an alluring sweet touch of milk chocolate. Each bite greets you with a flashing puff of rich aromatic black sesame before brushing you with the gentle sweetness of butter and chocolate.

Sea Salt Sable  海盐沙布列
Delicious crumbly butter cookies are accentuated by the strong natural flavours of sea salt. The soft pleasant sweetness and light salty tones of sea salt is graciously enhanced by the delightful butter biscuit with a slightly eggy taste and a momentary gentle salty aftertaste. 

Pistachio Diamond Cookies 开心果钻石饼
Loaded with the mild and graceful flavours of pistachios (also called nut of happiness in Chinese 开心果), it's got a subtle earthiness with a toasty undertone, and is balanced immaculately with a mildly salty-sweet buttery cookie crust that is made with ground almond. The pistachios give you the crunch while the biscuit breaks easily in the mouth.

Lacher's 2022 CNY Angpao 
Staying true to the whole idea behind this cookie gift box and sticking to the theme of luck and fortune, we've designed our very own interactive angpaos! Inspired by fortune cookies, each angpao has got a striking 'pull out' note which sends out the good wishes of a new year. Whoever receives them gets a refreshing supportive message for the new year, and the thrill of pulling them out to read!

CNY Poster
This 2022 CNY gift box also comes with an interactive CNY poster that not only emanates all that festive Chinese New Year feels, but makes a lovely house decoration! And the fun part - you get to remove the ornaments from the poster and hang them on your plants! It's a fantastic way to get the kids involved with some pleasurable CNY merriment, and a wonderful way to bring forth the good memories of your younger days – the days before CNY which were spent hanging DIY ornaments on the plants. 

Happy Chinese New Year!
步步高升 财源滚滚来!

Limited Time Only. While Stock Lasts. 

Weight and Measurements

Earl Grey Pineapple Tart
Weight: 30g+/- each
Measurement: 4.5cm x 2cm

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Sandwich
Weight: 160g+/-
Diameter: 5.5cm

Black Sesame Shortbread Sandwich
Weight: 150g+/-
Diameter: 5.5cm

Sea Salt Sable 
Weight: 90g+/-
Diameter: 5.5cm

Pistachio Diamond Cookies
Weight: 120g+/-
Diameter: 5.5cm

Tinplate Box
Measurement: 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 7.5cm

Allergy and Storage Information

Allergy information

Contains dairy, egg, gluten and nuts.

Storage Instructions

  • Cookies - Best consumed within 1 month upon receiving.
  • Pineapple tart - Best consumed within 7 days upon receiving.
  • Store below 30°C in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Store in an airtight container once opened.

Available for Interstate Shipping 

This product is available for interstate shipping to West Malaysia.

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