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2022 Lachér Mooncake Set - Snow Skin

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Lacher’s first-ever mooncake gift box!

This set includes: 

  • 2 x Dark Chocolate Hazelnut White Lotus Snow Skin
  • 2 x Matcha Red Bean Snow Skin
  • 2 x Raspberry White Lotus Snow Skin
  • 2 x Yuzu Mango White Lotus Snow Skin
  • 1 x Mooncake Box
  • 1 x Paper Bag Lantern

Snow Skin mooncake 冰皮月饼

Four different chewy snow skin mooncakes in pretty shades of pastel with a pasty white lotus or red bean filling and a pleasantly textured middle. The flavours are a rendition of our best-selling whole cakes!

  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnut White Lotus Snowskin
    Deep chocolate flavour with a strong nuttiness and delicate sweetness from the striking handmade-from-scratch hazelnut praline.

  • Matcha Red Bean Snowskin
    Strong bitter flavours of matcha ganache graciously softened by the delicate sweetness of red bean.

  • Raspberry White Lotus Snowskin
    Fruity and sweet with a nice tang to give you a stimulating nudge of flavours.
  • Yuzu Mango White Lotus Snowskin
    A unique yet gentle sourness of yuzu caressed by the sweetness of mango and white lotus.


Modern, minimal, and whimsical, with a touch of luxury sophisticatedly detailing the traditional elements of the mooncake festival!

The vivid colour of blue accents the unique creamy-greyish tones of the box to take a sameness to the serene shades of the snow skin mooncakes.

Illustrating a lively inviting garden, this fun floral-themed gift box is an elegant flow of contemporary French art painted with non-traditional, yet harmonious pops of colour that symbolise the joys of family reunion, and is refined with a shimmery hue of gold foil for a dash of chicness. Simple, yet delicately artistic; playful and feel-good, this mooncake gift box gives you an overall feel of family, comfort, and home, and is like a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Paper Bag Lantern

Paper bag now, lantern after! An economical paper bag-turn-lantern in soft purple to make your gifting experience more worthwhile. Light up a tealight candle, place it onto the candle outline inside the paper bag, and watch the luminaries magically turn the paper bag into a radiant garden that emanates light into the night sky. Hold the lantern up with a stick and have fun!

*A candle and stick are not provided with the paper bag lantern*

但愿人长久 千里共婵娟
Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 

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