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Chinese New Year 2020 Edition - Fortune Box

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6 different type of cookies packed in a box. Baked with reduced sugar recipe and no artificial preservative, flavouring and colouring. A perfect gift for your friends, family or clients on this coming Chinese New Year. 

Earl Grey Sablé 伯爵茶沙布列
  • French shortbread cookie. The sweet, salty and irresistibly buttery texture accompanied by rich earl grey flavour from fine tea brand - Harney & Sons.
  • Weight: 120g++
Black Sesame Sablé 黑芝麻沙布列
  • Sweet, salty and buttery French shortbread with toasted black sesame. 
  • Weight: 120g++
Madagascan Vanilla Almond Butter Cookies 香草杏仁奶油饼
  • Buttery, crunchy and nutty texture with 100% Madagascan vanilla and California almond. 
  • Weight: 130g++
Valrhona Chocolate Hazelnut Oatmeal Cookies 巧克力榛果燕麦饼
  • 100% Valrhona cookies packed with oats, hazelnut and melted Manjari chocolate.  
  • Weight: 110g++
Nougatine 杂果仁脆饼
  • Thin and crispy nougatine packed with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, black sesame and almond flakes. 
  • Weight: 100g++
Coffee Romias cookies 咖啡罗密亚西饼
  • Buttery and crunchy Italian cookies with coffee flavour. 
  • Weight: 95g++

Allergy Information

Contains flour, dairy, egg & nut.

Storage Instruction

Please store the cookies in an airtight container once opened.