Delivery Fee

Zone Distance from our location Delivery Fee (By Car) Free Delivery
A 0-9km RM5 RM60 or above
B 10-14km RM10 RM80 or above
C 15-19km RM15 RM110 or above
D 20-24km RM20 RM150 or above
E 25-29km RM25 RM190 or above
F 30-34km RM30 RM230 or above
G 35-39km RM35 RM270 or above
H 40-44km RM40 RM310 or above
I 45-50km RM50 RM350 or above


Please note:

  • A minimum purchase of RM50 is mandated for our delivery service.
  • Each order number is designated for one delivery address within a specific date and time slot.
  • For deliveries to varied venues, dates, or time slots under a single customer bill, they are treated as distinct deliveries with individual orders. Separate orders must be placed on our website for each.