Q: What are your delivery and pickup hours? Do you accept walk-ins? 
Our shop opens for delivery and pickup from 11 am - 7 pm (Monday-Sunday). We take orders by pre-order basis; therefore we do not accept walk-ins.

Q: How does the same-day delivery/pickup work? 
We offer same-day delivery/pickup with a minimum of 3 hours pre-order. Order has to be placed by 2pm for same-day delivery/pickup.  

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Credit Card, Online Banking, GrabPay, Boost, TouchNGo and Maybank QRpay.

Q: Do you include a physical receipt for my order? 
No, we only send e-receipt to the buyer email. 

Q: Can I amend/cancel my order? 
Yes. Your order is amendable and refundable with a minimum of 48 hours prior notice. Please note that all refund for exchange and cancellation will be created via credit voucher ONLY (No expiration for the credit voucher). Please contact us if you wish to amend/cancel your order.

Q: Do you provide a personalised message on the cake?
No. We do not provide a personalised message on the cake. But we do offer a personalised message on a card.

Q: Do you provide pre-cut service for the cake?
No unfortunately we do not provide pre-cut service for all our cakes.

Q: How do I receive the delivery update?
Buyer will receive an email for the delivery update. You may also opt for SMS notifications (after checkout) for the delivery update. 

Q: Do we provide dine in services/can I purchase at your store?
No, we don't provide dine in services as we are an online pastry shop.

Q: Can I mix and match the petit gateaux sets?
No. Our sets are fixed and we make our cakes in batches. Therefore, the quantity of our cakes are fixed and limited.

Q: Can you make an exception for delivery/pickup of petit gateaux on days other than Tuedays and Sundays?
Sorry, unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions as we prepare our cakes only on Tuesdays and Sundays and we do them in batches.

Storage Instruction

Q: How do I store the desserts/cakes? And how long they can last for?
Please keep the desserts/cakes in the chiller immediately after collection. A more specific storage instruction and consumption period could be found in the description box under each product. 

Dietary & Allergy

Q: Do you use halal ingredients? Does your cake contain alcohol?
We are using all halal ingredients included halal gelatine and we do not use alcohol in our baking.

Q: Is your cake suitable for diabetes, vegan or keto diet?
Unfortunately no. Most of our products contain eggs, gelatin, dairy and sugar. 

Q: I am allergic to nut /gluten. Which product is suitable for me?
All our cakes are made in a kitchen that handles nuts and gluten. We do not recommend to consume our products as they may contain traces.