Lachér Snow Skin Mooncake

Allergen Information:

  • Wakoucha Snow Skin 和红茶冰皮
    Contains dairy and gluten.

  • Matcha Red Bean Snow Skin 抹茶紅豆冰皮
    Contains dairy and gluten.

  • Yuzu Mango Snow Skin 柚子芒果冰皮
    Contains dairy, egg and gluten.

  • Black Sesame Almond Praline Snow Skin 黑芝麻杏仁冰皮
    Contains gluten and nut.

Storage & Consumption Guidelines

  • Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze.
  • Avoid direct heat and sunlight.
  • Best consumed within 4 days for optimal texture. While it can last longer, the texture may not be as desirable.