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2020 Christmas Edition - Warm Wishes

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Exotic Pecan Caramel Chocolate Mousse

Taste the sweetness of the tropics this Christmas


The Pecan Caramel Chocolate Mousse is infused with pecans to give you that light and nutty taste. A crunchy toffee pecan chocolate base beds the cake to add to the sweetness and nuttiness of this cake. Resting on the chocolate pecan base is a sweet and dense caramel mascarpone cremeaux. A moist and fluffy dark chocolate sponge cake and an exotic jelly make up the remaining layers of this dessert. The exotic jelly is made of passionfruit, banana and mango. To finish off the look of this Christmas cake, Valrhona caramel pearls scatter the sides, with chocolate stars topping it.

As you bite into the cake, you'll be met with a variety of flavours dancing on your tastebuds. You'll feel the airy mousse melt in your mouth while you pleasantly bite into the spongey cake and satisfyingly munch on the crunchy nutty base. At the same time, you'll be warmly embraced by the sweet taste and slightly mushy feel of the banana. Eventually, the mild tang of the passionfruit and mango brilliantly crawls up.  The tropical flavour of this jelly gently floats in your mouth and caresses your palate without being cloying.

This humble and refreshing cake makes the perfect treat after a big hearty Christmas meal. While the components of this cake may seem like an unusual pair, it certainly tastes delicious together. You'll just have to try it to believe it. The chocolatey taste of this mousse marries the fruitiness of the jelly and the nuttiness of the cake. It's the perfect Christmas cake to bring the family together and spread some cheer this holiday season. If you're Christmas shopping and need a last-minute Christmas gift, this magical cake makes a great one!

Size: 23cmx7cm
Height: 5cm
Weight: 700g++ (6-8 servings)