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2021 Chinese New Year - Blessings

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"四季平安 Si Ji Ping An" - Blessings all year round 

This CNY, may you be blessed with an abundance of good health and happiness.  

We believe that health is wealth. So, we at Lacher Patisserie, wish you and your loved ones a safe and joyous New Year.

With everything going on this year, this comforting box of good wishes would make a great Chinese New Year gift to send over to your loved ones to remind them that although the distance may separate you, they're always in your thoughts. And if you have the opportunity to welcome the new year with your family, these cookies will definitely bring you closer and put you in an even better mood. Near or far, celebrate the importance of family and ring in the new year with our heartwarming cookies.

Have a little taste of France this Chinese New Year! This box comes with 5 types of cookies - Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread, Nougatine, Orange Walnut Cookies, Earl Grey Sablé, and Cranberry Almond Cookies. Send this CNY cookies gift set over to your family, friends, clients, or colleagues and attach your Chinese New Year messages along with it. 

Also, if you're looking for a last-minute Chinese New Year gift, we've got you covered! Our Chinese New Year gift set is available for same-day delivery (as long as you place your order by 2 pm).  

  1. Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Sandwich 巧克力榛果夹心饼 
    These are for you, chocolate hazelnut lovers! These tender shortbread sandwiches are made of 55%  Dark Belgian Chocolate and a handmade hazelnut praline paste. On your first bite, you'll be able to tell that these cookies aren't your average chocolate cookies as the bitter and natural sweetness of the cookies will really stand out.  

  2.  Nougatine 杂果仁脆片
    These sweet treats are generously stuffed with almond flakes, black sesame, pumpkin seeds as well as sunflower seeds. They are brittle and great to munch on. If you enjoy the earthy flavors of seeds and nuts, these will be a treat for you!  

  3. Orange Walnut Cookies 香橙核桃饼
    These cookies are mainly made from walnuts with sugar sprinkled on the rounds of them. They are mildly sweet and nutty with a crisp and buttery texture. 

  4. Earl Grey Sablé 伯爵茶沙布列 
    These are French Sablé with Earl Grey Tea infused in them.  With the subtle taste of the tea that gets stronger the more bites you take, and a good salty to sweet ratio, they make for a delightful snack. Have a bite and feel them fall apart in your mouth due to their sandy-like texture. 

  5. Cranberry Almond Cookies 蔓越莓杏仁饼
    These almond cookies have a generous amount of almond flakes and cranberry bits scattered throughout them. They aren't plain. Nor are they boring. You'll get to taste the mild tanginess of the cranberries that blend beautifully with the natural flavors of the almonds and the buttery taste of the cookies.

Available for Same Day Delivery (order by 2 pm)

Weight and Measurements

Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread 巧克力榛果夹心饼 

Nougatine 杂果仁脆片

Orange Walnut Cookies 香橙核桃饼

Earl Grey Sablé 伯爵茶沙布列 

Cranberry Almond Cookies 蔓越莓杏仁饼

Wooden Box Measurements
8.5" x 8.5" x 3" 

Wooden Box Material 
Pine wood

Allergy and Storage Information

Allergy Information

Contains Wheat/Flour, Dairy, Eggs & Nuts.

Storage Instruction

  • Best consumed within 1 month
  • Once opened, consumed within 2 weeks
  • Store in a cool and dry place