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2021 Christmas Edition - Mont Blanc de Noël

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Chestnut Mont Blanc with Blackcurrant

The flavours of a Christmas tradition
Smooth sensuous chestnuts with tender kisses of fresh fragrant blackcurrants are the life of this cake! Chestnut Mont Blanc, originally invented by Angelina Patisserie in Paris, taking shape of a snow cap mountain, our version of this classic cake comes in oblong, and resembles a Christmas tree farm with edible chocolate pine trees on a sweetened chestnut paste as the mountain forest floor. Scoop from top to bottom and taste the wondrous subtlety of sweet chestnuts in different complementing textures of light and airy, dense and delicate, soft and creamy,...elevated by a firm but smooth fruit ganache.

The chestnut paste made of 100% chestnuts emanates a rich nuttiness with a hint of sweetness which leaves behind an aromatic aftertaste. Its texture is balanced by the silky smooth chestnut mousse which has an incredibly gentle sweet and nutty taste that lingers in your palate the moment it melts in your mouth. The cushiony bite of the dense and smooth chestnut genoise gives off a deep, but mild; earthy, yet sweet taste of chestnut. Paired just perfectly with these hearty flavours is a layer of blackcurrant ganache with an intense tart-like taste. The tanginess coasts up just shortly after a few chews and unites exquisitely with the floating breath of sweet earthiness. Almond crumbles and milk chocolate which make up the base of the cake complete its taste and texture with notes of vanilla and a gratifying crunch.

Overall, the soft sweetness and rich nuttiness of chestnuts, the sourness of the berries, and the sweetness from the milk chocolate crunchy base gives this cake an extremely pleasant taste. Although uncommon in Malaysia, Chestnut Mont Blanc is a classic cake which is loved by many in Europe, especially for the holiday season. We're excited for you to try it and to hear your thoughts!

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Place the order at least 1 day before your preferred date, by 2pm. (Available for preorder from 29 Nov until end of December only)

You may like this cake if you fancy
Chestnut, blackcurrant, fruity notes, sweet and sour desserts, mousse cakes

Suitable for
Christmas dinner, Christmas celebration, Christmas party, Christmas gift, New Year's Eve celebration, New Years

Weight / Serving Size / Allergens

Weight and Measurements
Size: 23cm x 7cm
Height: 5cm
Weight: 700g+/-

Serving Size
6-8 servings

Allergens and Diet Restrictions
Almond, Dairy, Egg, Gelatine, Gluten

Almond Nibs, Blackcurrant Puree, Brown Sugar, Butter, Chestnut, Chestnut Cream, Chestnut Paste, Chestnut Puree, Cocoa Butter, Cornflour, Dark Chocolate, Egg, Fish Gelatine, Flour, Glucose, Ground Almond, Milk, Milk Chocolate, Oil, Sugar, Whipping Cream, White Chocolate

No two cakes are exactly the same. As all our cakes are handmade, please expect a slight variation (about 5%) in shape, size, and weight. 
Picture is for illustration purposes only. Actual product may slightly vary in finishing and colour.