2022 Father's Day Edition - Black Forest

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Familiar flavours, finer impression.

Our one-of-a-kind, alcohol-free rendition of the German classic has an even ratio of dark chocolate, cherries, and Chantilly cream for a delectable balance of sweet, sour, and bitter all in one bite! The rich flavours of dark chocolate radiate not only through fluffy layers of sponge but also through a decadent cremeux. The Amarena cherries are juicy and greet you with a burst of stimulating flavours. A silky mascarpone and chantilly cream replace the traditional whipping cream for a sweet but clean wash-down of flavours.

A bite into the fluffy cloud-like sponge as the lip-smacking cremeux blankets your tongue will delightfully grace your palate with the bitter tones and floral notes of the premium Valrhona Guanaja 70% dark chocolate. Straying away from the gem of traditional German black forest cakes - the kirsch, this alcohol-free cake gets its pronounced crisp cherry flavours from the satisfyingly soft Morello cherry confit and the tender Amarena cherries stuffed in the luxuriously smooth mascarpone cream. The sour cherries with bitter undertones embrace the sweetness from the confit and of the mascarpone cream, along with the toasty notes of the dark chocolate to captivate you with the effortless blend of sweet, tangy, and bitter flavours. The airy chantilly cream piping that handsomely styles the cake gives you a tasteful finish and a refreshing aftertaste. Completing this dapper black forest cake is a dark chocolate collar with a fresh cherry coated in an apricot glaze that sits attractively on the cake.

Black forest cakes are familiar to most of us; and as Father's day falls on the season of cherries, we gave in to temptation and came up with a black forest cake that's fit for a King. This Father's day, sit back with dad and let the familiar flavours of this reimagined German favourite take you down memory lane.

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