2022 Mother's Day Edition - Timeless

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Soft flavours to symbolise the tenderness of a mother's love. 

This year's Mother's day cake will make your mama's heart flutter with the gentleness of contrasting flavours that slow dances beautifully from layers of fluff, mush, cream, and crunch. Taste the striking individual flavours of lemon, caramel, apple, yuzu, and honey fuse together in a serene puff of tender goodness.

The lemon croustillant is a crunchy base with a honeycomb-and-toffee-like sweetness softened by breaths of lemon. Beautifully chiming in with tones of bitter, sweet, and floral is a squishy honey sponge that pleasingly laces with the crumbly base on every bite. The Yuzu cremeux is soft to the tongue and gives off brisk touches of sourness to symphonise the candied taste of the cake. A generous layer of diced caramel apples flatters your palate with a creamy chew as it lets off an appetising intermingle of sweet, buttery, and tart flavours. Harmonising the flutter of vivid flavours and textures is an extremely light, melt-in-the-mouth mascarpone mousse with a tender sweetness. On each bite, you'll enjoy the layers crumble, fall, and melt in your mouth as their delicate taste deliciously refreshes and soothes you.

As a Mother's day cake, it shines because the charismatic hues of sweet, tart, and sour flavours from every textured layer intertwines ever so kindly to form a melodiously balance of flavours that will charm your mom. It captivates in a soft shade of pink with cream white decors of Yuzu ganache whip, white chocolate, and an edible silver leaf; gracing you with a minimal and timeless look.

Weight / Serving Size / Allergens

Weight and Measurements
Size: 6"
Height: 2"
Weight: 700g++

Serving Size
6-8 servings

Allergens and Diet Restrictions
Dairy, Egg, Gelatine, Gluten, Nuts

Apple, Butter, Cocoa Butter, Egg, Fish Gelatine, Flour, Ground Almond, Honey, Lemon, Mascarpone, Milk, Natural Red Colouring, Silver Leaf, Sugar, Whipping Cream, White Chocolate, Yuzu Puree.

No two cakes are exactly the same. As all our cakes are handmade, please expect a slight variation (about 5%) in shape, size, and weight. 
Picture is for illustration purposes only. Actual product may slightly vary in finishing and colour.