Petit Gateaux - Afternoon Treat

Petit Gateaux - Afternoon Treat

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Petit gâteaux mean 'little cakes' in French. Our petit gateaux are mini versions of most of our whole cakes. They're petit but full of flavor. These dainty and elegant delicacies are carefully handcrafted using only the finest ingredients with no artificial flavoring and preservatives. Each of these cakes is full of textures, layers and flavors. Our petit gateaux gets our customers going and is especially enjoyed for teatime, birthdays and special occasions. 

  1. Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline
    Incredibly moist and robust dark chocolate mousse with a crunchy and nutty hazelnut praline base. On the inside, you'll find a beautiful layer of dark chocolate cremeux filling and an airy sponge cake that wonderfully complements the mousse.  It's a bittersweet delight for all chocolate and hazelnut lovers.  
    Components: Hazelnut praline feuilletine, Dark chocolate cremeux, Dark chocolate sponge, Valrhona Caraibe mousse and Caramel glaze.
  2. Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart
    A super refreshing little treat with a balanced sweet and sour taste. It's gentle on the tummy and perfect before, during or after a meal.
    Components: Almond sweet tart crust, Almond joconde, Kochi Yuzu curd, Chantilly cream, Yuzu mango curd & Edible gold leaf. 
  3. Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse
    Incredibly delicious milk chocolate and raspberry mousse with a sweet and slightly tart raspberry compote. The flavors are light and not cloying. You'll feel the different textures and flavors all in one bite. 
    Components: Almond praline crunch, Raspberry marmalade, Dark chocolate sponge, Valrhona Jivara raspberry mousse and Raspberry glaze.
  4. Petit Gateau Fromage
    A smooth and creamy Philadelphia cheesecake with a hint of lemon that beautifully lingers in the mouth without overstaying. It's super light and refreshing from the lemon and mascarpone chantilly cream. It's a classic, though petit. It goes absolutely well with the other little treats that come in our afternoon treat set.
    Components: Almond crunchy base, Bake Philadelphia cheesecake and Chantilly cream.


Weight / Serving Size / Allergens

Weight and Measurements
Weight: 100g++/pc
Diameter: 6cm-8cm

Serving Size
1 serving each

Allergens and Diet Restrictions
Almond, Dairy, Egg, Gelatine, Gluten, Hazelnut