Petit Gateaux - Teatime Set

Petit Gateaux - Teatime Set

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Finally, new flavours are joining the family! This petit gateaux set comes in 4 different flavours and all desserts are hand-crafted using the finest and halal ingredients with no artificial preservative and flavouring. 

This Petit Gateaux Set is available for delivery/pickup on every TUESDAY and SUNDAY ONLY. [AT LEAST 1 DAY PREORDER, BY 6PM] Customised combination is not allowed. 

  1. Pistachio Raspberry
    Rich and Earthy Pistachio flavour balanced with fruity raspberry.
    Components: Pistachio Crunch Base, Pistachio Joconde, Raspberry Marmalade, Pistachio Gourmet Glaze, Pistachio Ganache Whip, Fresh Raspberry, Edible Silver Leaf.  
  2. Caramel Mixed Nut Tart
    Best for Nut Lovers! Sweet and salty, nutty and crunchy. The least sweet out of 4.
    Components: Sweet tart crust, Belgium Chocolate Ganache, Sea Salt Caramel Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruits (pistachio nut, hazelnut, almond nut, apricot, cranberry, raisin), Chantilly Cream
  3. Citron Tart
    Crunchy sweet-tart with delightful lemon curd balanced with light and airy mascarpone chantilly cream.
    Components: Lemon Peel, lemon thyme, lemon cream, mascarpone chantilly cream, lemon curd and almond sweet tart.
  4. Salted Caramel Saint-Honore
    Salted caramel milk chocolate whip paired with nutty praline and fluffy choux puff.
    Components: Edible gold leaf, choux puff, salted caramel whip and almond praline crunch.

Weight: 100g++ /pc
Serving size: 1 serving size/pc

Allergy Information

Contains flour, dairy, egg & nut.

Storage Instruction

  • Best to consume within 2 days
  • Please keep the petit gateaux refrigerated (0-4 °C) after collection.