Lachér to-go: All you need to know about Lachér Patisserie's newly opened cake shop in KL!

Lachér to-go: All you need to know about Lachér Patisserie's newly opened cake shop in KL!

| Navisha C

Lachér Patisserie has expanded its offerings with the introduction of an offline dessert shop, conveniently located at Plaza Conlay KL. This new venture, known as Lachér to-go, serves a unique set of functions different from its counterpart, Lachér Patisserie, PJ. Here's everything you need to know about Lachér to-go.

1. What is Lachér to-go? Is it Lachér Patisserie's cafe?

Lachér to-go is a dessert shop located at Plaza Conlay, Kuala Lumpur. It is Lachér Patisserie's offline outlet and second pickup point. The concept of Lachér to-go primarily focuses on takeaway options. 

2. Is Lachér to-go the same as Lachér Patisserie?
No. Lachér to-go is a brick-and-mortar store situated in KL, where you can walk in for takeaway or dine-in. Meanwhile, Lachér Patisserie is an online-based store operating from Kota Damansara, PJ, where you can place orders online for delivery or pickup. Dine-in is not available at Lachér Patisserie, PJ.

3. What products does Lachér to-go, KL offer?

Lachér to-go offers:

  • Individually sold petit gateaux (little French cakes)
  • Beverages such as formulated chocolate drinks, specialty coffee and premium tea. 

4. What services does Lachér to-go, KL offer?
Lachér to-go offers:

  • Walk-in purchases and takeaway
  • Dine-in services with limited seating
  • Lachér Patisserie’s 2nd pickup point

5. Does Lachér to-go offer whole cakes?
No, it does not. However, you have the option to pre-order online an available whole cake offered by Lachér Patisserie for self-pickup at Lachér to-go, KL.

6. Where is Lachér to-go located?

Menara 1, Plaza Conlay, KL.
Landmarks: Next to Conlay MRT station, nearby Kompleks Kraf, opposite Eaton Suites. 

7. What are Lachér to-go, KL opening hours?
Daily, from 11am-7pm.

8. How to order at Lachér to-go?
You have two convenient options to place your order at Lachér to-go. You can either:

  • Walk-in directly at their store located at Plaza Conlay KL, or
  • Place your order via Beepit for self-pickup at an available time that suits your convenience.

9. Does Lachér to-go offer delivery?
No, Lachér to-go is an offline store. It exclusively offers walk-in purchases and takeaway options only. Delivery services are not available at this location.

10. Can I order on Lachér Patisserie's website for pickup at Lachér to-go, KL?

Absolutely! When ordering through Lachér Patisserie's website, you have the option to choose self-pickup at either Lachér Patisserie, Kota Damansara, or Lachér to-go, KL. This allows you to conveniently collect your order from the location that suits you best. *Pickup hours follow the operation hours of each store respectively.

In a rush? Just to-go it!

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