Discover a wonderful assortment of birthday cakes, fruit tarts, and teatime treats, crafted with French baking techniques and the finest halal ingredients. Enjoy these intricate desserts made with passion, offering a diverse range of textures and flavours that work in harmony.

Our cakes are the epitome of simplicity and elegance, and are carefully created for life's precious moments - no matter how small. They celebrate the simple joys that create cherished memories and strengthen the bonds among loved ones.

Explore the details of each cake, including their components, weight, and serving sizes, by clicking on the accompanying images below. If you're undecided, our petit gateaux, featuring mini versions of our whole cakes, provide a delightful tasting experience to help you find your perfect match.

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 Whole Cakes - Same Day Delivery or Pickup with at least 3 hours Preorder
- at least 1 day Preorder
Petit Gateaux Tuesdays & Sundays ONLY
  1. A Vanilla Saint-Honore with golden brown pastry base, caramel capped choux puffs, and Madagascan vanilla cream piping
  1. Black Forest
  1. Mixed Nut Tart
  1. Petit Gateaux - Afternoon Treat
  1. Petit Gateaux - Teatime Set
  1. A green Uji Matcha tart with a green matcha mousse surrounded by green matcha almond crumbles on a golden tart crust
  1. A round strawberry shortcake generously coated with Chantilly cream, topped with a pool of juicy red strawberries with two of them having green leaves, and garnished with lime zest
  1. Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline
  1. Citron Tart
  1. Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart
  1. Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse Cake
  1. Salted Caramel Saint-Honore
  1. Tropical
  1. A classic tiramisu cake with a white chocolate collar dusted in cocoa powder with a lacher patisserie logo insert.
  1. Gateau Fromage
  1. A shiny silver 'Happy Birthday' cake topper in cursive lettering with a Lacher Patisserie logo in the middle of the insert.
  1. 6 curvy candles with a white pointy cake insert and a golden wick.
  1. Cooler Bag
  1. Greeting Card
  1. Pistachio Raspberry