Birthday cakes, fruit tarts, afternoon and teatime treats, you name it! We've got an array of cakes, tarts, and entremet tarts for you, your family, and friends to enjoy! Using the art of French baking, and working with only the finest halal ingredients, these desserts are made with intricacy, finesse, and a whole lot of love. Every cake pleases you with a variety of feel-good textures, and every bite charms you with a beautiful blend of complementing flavours.

Simple; but classy, unique; yet beautifully eccentric, these one-of-a-kind cakes liven up your celebrations, make good memories, and bring you and your loved ones closer together through their delicious tastes, exciting textures, and breathtaking sight.

Click on any one of the images below to learn more about each cake (their components, weight, and serving sizes).

Not sure which treat to go for? Give our petit gateaux a try - mini versions of our whole cakes. Maybe you'll find something that captures your heart.

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Petit Gateaux Tuesdays & Sundays ONLY
  1. Pistachio Raspberry
  1. Mixed Nut Tart
  1. 4 petit gateaux in rows of 2 starting with a dark chocolate cake with pointed chocolate decorations, a pink raspberry cake with a raspberry topping, a yellow cheesecake topped with Chantilly cream piping, and a tart with a dome shaped Kochi Yuzu curd surrounded by Chantilly cream piping.
  1. 4 mini cakes in rows of 2 starting with a Salted Caramel Saint-Honore with 3 choux puffs and a salted caramel piping, a green pistachio raspberry cake with pistachio cream piping topped with a raspberry, a citron tart with lemon cream and Chantilly cream piping, garnished with lemon thyme, and a chocolate caramel mixed nut tart with a Chantilly cream piping in the middle.
  1. A green Uji Matcha tart with a green matcha mousse surrounded by green matcha almond crumbles on a golden tart crust
  1. A round strawberry shortcake generously coated with Chantilly cream, topped with a pool of juicy red strawberries with two of them having green leaves, and garnished with lime zest
  1. Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline
  1. Citron Tart
  1. Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart
  1. Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse Cake
  1. Salted Caramel Saint-Honore
  1. Tropical
  1. A classic tiramisu cake with a white chocolate collar dusted in cocoa powder with a lacher patisserie logo insert.
  1. Gateau Fromage
  1. 6 curvy candles with a white pointy cake insert and a golden wick.
  1. A shiny silver 'Happy Birthday' cake topper in cursive lettering with a Lacher Patisserie logo in the middle of the insert.
  1. Cooler Bag