About Lachér



Three good friends from Malaysia, equally enchanted by the allure of French desserts, set out to bring a slice of that magic back home. The result? Lachér Patisserie. We've reimagined the patisserie experience, allowing you to savour exquisite French entremets and premium cakes in the comfort of your own home.

Crafted Delicacies

There’s an art to French desserts — a seamless blend of varied textures, rich flavours, and delicate balance. In France, desserts aren’t just food; they're a lifestyle — celebrated at any given moment. While we can't replicate the bustling dessert culture of France, we can certainly make these delightful desserts accessible for your daily indulgence. Spearheaded by Chef Pang Yun Kian, a decade-long devotee to modern pastry and the Asian Pastry Cup 2016 champion, our offerings honour traditional French techniques and is a nod to local tastes.

Our Commitment


The core of our philosophy. Every ingredient — chosen with precision — determines the soul of our cakes. From the lavish layers to the final flourish, we ensure intricate detail and unmatched taste. With a bouquet of unconventional flavours, we present an adventure for your palate, wrapped in elegance and authenticity.


Nestled in the heart of Klang Valley, we prioritise accessibility above all. Offering same-day delivery and a seamless ordering process, we aim to make your cake experience effortless. Indulge in your favourite French delicacies with just a few clicks. After all, our motto is to let you indulge effortlessly.


The essence of a perfect cake lies in its freshness. We pride ourselves on crafting each cake to order, ensuring it is enjoyed at its peak. We shun the idea of our creations spending nights in a chiller — they're designed to be enjoyed immediately.

The Lachér Legacy

We’re more than a brand; we’re a family bound by passion and excellence. Every milestone is a testament to our collective effort and dedication. As we evolve and scale new culinary heights, our promise remains — to deliver perfection, each time. Join us on this delectable journey as Lachér Patisserie reshapes the way you experience desserts.

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