About Us

What happens when a web designer, a personal shopper and a pastry chef frequently travel to France and fall deeply in love with French desserts? Well, they open a patisserie. At least that’s what we did.  Lacher (pronounced 'La-Share') Patisserie is a French-inspired online cake shop where we serve you fine French entremets and classic premium cakes without you having to leave your home.

There’s just something about French desserts and the French’s culture of eating these desserts that appealed greatly to us. They have a way of combining different layers of textures with a variety of flavours and making them taste deliciously balanced. Take a stroll down the street of France and you’ll see long queues to bakeries and dessert shops regardless of the time of day. We knew that we couldn’t bring that culture to the streets of Malaysia, but we wanted to make our desserts available to people whenever they’re up for a little treat. We realised that French desserts are mainly served in hotels. So, we had the urge to make them more accessible and convenient to people in their everyday life. We want to bring the goodness of each dessert with their distinct tastes, flavours, intricacy and all, right to your Malaysian tastebuds.

Our head chef, Chef Pang Yun Kian (also the co-founder), has over 10 years of dedication to modern pastry and was one of the champions of the Asian Pastry Cup in 2016. He has worked in some of the fanciest hotels in Singapore, including Regent Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and Swissotel the Stamford. He began honing his French pastry skills in 2010, and is now the mastermind behind our proud creations.

Why choose us?


Quality is extremely important to us. We believe that the ingredients that we put into our cakes can either make or break our cakes - or any cake for that matter. That’s why only the finest ingredients are used when making our treats and everything that goes into our desserts are made from scratch. Our cakes are technical, intricate and made with utmost focus going into all the fine details. We want to make your birthday cakes memorable - both in taste and appearance. Our cakes have a beautiful blend of textures and flavours that we want to introduce to our customers. A lot of these flavours are your not-so-common flavours that we know a large population of people here will accept.

Our cakes and desserts, all the way down to our packaging, are carefully thought out and meticulously crafted to reflect who we are as a brand and what we believe in.


We make our cakes accessible to everyone in the Klang Valley area - KL and PJ.  Our cake packaging and delivery process have a huge influence on the cakes that we come up with to ensure that they are easily and securely transported.  We aim to provide a hassle-free online ordering service. Skip all that traffic and place your orders just 3 hours from when you want the cake, and we’ll deliver it during the time frame that is most convenient for you. Whatever your venue, just place an order and we’ll be there.  


Of course, cakes have to be eaten fresh for you to be able to savour the true taste of each cake. We prepare our cakes by order to ensure that the cakes are in their best condition before leaving our premises and right to your doorstep.  Our cakes never stay overnight in our chiller. The moment the finishing touches are done, we shortly part ways with them for you to soon welcome them. This is one of the main reasons as to why we wanted to open an online based bakery. 

Our team

We greatly value honesty and emphasise quality. We are constantly learning and improving to provide you with nothing less than perfect. We take pride in our team and are excited to be embarking into bigger things and reaching greater heights together, as Lacher Patisserie. We have many milestones we want to reach and achieve and we hope to share this experience with you.