Delivery Fee

Where We Deliver

We serve areas up to a 50km radius from Lacher Patisserie, mainly covering KL and Selangor.

Determine Your Delivery Fee:

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Zone Distance from our location Delivery Fee (By Car) Free Delivery
A 0-9km RM5 RM60 or above
B 10-14km RM10 RM80 or above
C 15-19km RM15 RM110 or above
D 20-24km RM20 RM150 or above
E 25-29km RM25 RM190 or above
F 30-34km RM30 RM230 or above
G 35-39km RM35 RM270 or above
H 40-44km RM40 RM310 or above
I 45-50km RM50 RM350 or above


Please note:

  • A minimum purchase of RM50 is mandated for our delivery service.
  • Each order number is designated for one delivery address within a specific date and time slot.
  • For deliveries to varied venues, dates, or time slots under a single customer bill, they are treated as distinct deliveries with individual orders. Separate orders must be placed on our website for each.

Delivery FAQ

You'll receive an email with the driver's details before your selected time slot on the delivery day. This email is sent as soon as we assign a driver to your order.

We offer delivery in the following timeslots: 10am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, or 5-7pm.

While we aim to deliver your order within your chosen timeslot, we cannot commit to a specific time within that slot due to factors like traffic and route planning.

We don't deliver directly to high-rise units or inside malls; cakes are given at the lobby or drop-off.

For hotels or landed restaurants, we deliver to the reception if reservation details are provided.

After ordering, address changes aren't possible for delivery efficiency. Ensure the address is correct beforehand. If necessary, you can cancel your order via this Google Form and reorder using refunded store credit.

Regrettably, we only attempt delivery once per order. If missed, while additional delivery requests are possible, they will attract extra fees and are contingent on driver availability.

Alternatively, you can opt to pick up from our store, but please be advised that we cannot ensure optimal freshness of the cake beyond the initial delivery time.

Yes, changing the address or time may incur extra charges, determined by the driver. The driver's willingness and availability will also factor in.

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