Lachér Patisserie

Online patisserie where you can order whole cakes, petit gateaux sets, and more for delivery or pickup.

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Lachér to-go

Experience our offline presence where you can walk in to purchase individual petit gateaux, dine in, or grab takeaways, along with our specialty drinks.

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Visit OUR LOCATIONS for detailed addresses, maps, and store operating hours.

Lachér Patisserie

How to order?

Step 1: Browse the products.
Step 2: Select candle/knife and input your card message if needed.
Step 3: Add to cart.
Step 4: Select 'Delivery' or 'In-store Pickup' and choose your preferred date and time. (Delivery fee will be calculated after you have entered the delivery details.)
Step 5: Complete the payment.
Step 6: You'll receive a confirmation once the order is successfully placed.
Step 8: On your chosen day:

  • Delivery: An email with the driver’s details will be sent to you when your order is sent out for delivery / before your chosen time slot.
  • Pickup: A ready-to-collect email notification will be sent.

Can I order for today?

Absolutely. Ensure you place orders by 2pm for same-day services, given a minimum pre-order time of 3 hours.

Can I walk in and purchase directly from Lachér Patisserie?

You can walk in before 2pm for a limited selection. For specific preferences, we strongly recommend pre-ordering online before visiting.

Why can't I select certain date/time options?

If a date/time is greyed out, the product might either be unavailable or past its ordering cut-off time. Key timings to note:

  • Same Day: Order at least 3 hours in advance (and by 2pm).
  • 1 Day Pre-Order: Order by the previous day. Some items may require you to order by 2pm.
  • Petit Gateaux: Available only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Ensure you order by 2pm the day before.

Can I customise the Petit Gateaux sets?

Our Petit Gateaux sets come as they are – we don't offer custom combinations.

Do you write messages on the cake?

We don’t write directly on cakes, but we provide a message card option.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard), Debit Card, Online Banking/FPX, and e-wallets like GrabPay, Boost, TouchNGo, and Maybank QRpay.

I'd like an invoice. Where can I get it?

Your invoice can be downloaded from the bottom of your order confirmation email.

Are orders refundable?

All orders are non-refundable. However, in specific circumstances like order amendments, refunds will be provided in the form of store credit sent to your email. This credit is valid for 1 year and can be used for multiple purchases within its validity.

I don't want a receipt sent to my billing address. Can I change the billing info?

We do not attach any receipts during the delivery/pickup.
However, once the payment has been processed, we cannot amend the billing information.

How much is the delivery fee and where do you deliver?

We provide car deliveries up to 50km from our central kitchen, Lachér Patisserie. Check delivery fees and free delivery applicability here.

Can I pick a specific delivery time?

Choose from these slots: 10am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, or 5-7pm. Exact timings within slots can't be guaranteed due to traffic and route planning.

Will my order arrive on time?

We aim for timely deliveries, but traffic or other issues can cause delays. If timing is vital, consider an earlier slot or self-pickup.

How do I track my delivery?

You'll receive an email with the driver's details before your selected time slot on the delivery day. This email is sent as soon as we assign a driver to your order.

What if no one's there to receive the order?

You'll need to arrange a pickup from our store afterwards, but please note, we can't guarantee the cake's freshness beyond this point.

Will I receive my cake in good condition?

We ensure safe delivery. If your cake is damaged upon receiving, contact us immediately.

Is there an additional fee if I ask the driver for a different delivery location or at another time?

Yes, changing the address or time may incur extra charges, determined by the driver. The driver's willingness and availability will also factor in.

Do you deliver to units or inside malls/hotels/restaurants?

We don't deliver directly to high-rise units or inside malls. Cakes will be handed over at car-accessible lobbies or drop-off points where drivers can park without incurring fees and in compliance with parking regulations.

For hotels or landed restaurants, delivery will be made to the reception if reservation details are provided or if staff are willing to collect the cake when driver access is limited.

How will I know when my order is ready for pickup?

You'll receive an email notification on the collection day. If not, feel free to come during your selected time slot, and your order will be ready by then.

Can I pick up my order earlier or later than the scheduled time?

After receiving the 'ready for pickup' email, you can collect your order anytime during our operating hours for the selected location.

Can I use a third-party delivery service for collection?

Absolutely. For cake orders, ensure the service uses a car, not a motorbike. Please provide the driver with your order number and name for a smooth pickup.

Important: Cakes need to be transported on a flat surface with the AC on high.

Are your products halal certified by JAKIM?

Most of our products proudly carry halal certification by JAKIM, underscoring our commitment to quality and adherence to halal guidelines. As you browse our website, we encourage you to look for the halal logo on our products, providing assurance of their compliance with halal standards.

In our kitchen, we are diligent in handling halal-approved ingredients and strictly follow halal procedures, ensuring that our products meet the high standards expected by our customers.

What about the products that are not halal certified?

For products that are not yet certified, particularly our seasonal or new items, we want to assure our customers of our unwavering commitment to halal standards. While these products may not have completed the certification process due to their short-term availability or newness in the market, they are produced with the same strict adherence to halal principles. This includes the use of halal-compliant ingredients, the exclusion of alcohol, and the use of halal gelatin. We are dedicated to upholding these standards across our entire product line, ensuring that our customers can trust in the halal integrity of every product we offer.

How should I store the desserts/cakes and for how long?

Upon receipt, place cakes in the chiller for at least 30 minutes. They're best enjoyed within 2 days at 10°C-12°C, but can last up to 3-4 days in the chiller. Do not freeze the cakes.

Will the cake last during a car ride?

Cakes can withstand a car journey for up to 1 hour with high AC. For longer trips, consider an insulator bag with ice packs.

Can I adjust the sweetness or customize my cake?

Our recipes are standardized, and we produce each product in batches. Therefore, changes to sweetness or customizations are not available.

Are your cakes suitable for specific diets or allergies?

All our products contain eggs, dairy, gluten, and sugar, making them unsuitable for diabetics, vegans, or those on a keto diet. We also handle nuts and gluten in our kitchen, which may pose a risk to individuals with allergies. For detailed dietary and allergen information, please refer to the ingredients list on each product page.

Are the eggs in your products pasteurised?

Yes, all the eggs we use are either cooked or pasteurised to ensure safety and quality.

Can I change my order's date/time or cancel the order?

Submit a request using this Google form at least 24 hours in advance (or 48 hours for 1-day preorder cakes). We'll confirm via email if the changes can be accommodated.

Can I change the delivery address after placing an order?

After ordering, address changes aren't possible for delivery efficiency. Ensure the address is correct beforehand. If necessary, you can cancel your order via this Google Form and reorder using refunded store credit.

Can I change/add on item(s) to my order?

Should you wish to change or add items, please contact us 24 hours before delivery for same-day items and 48 hours for 1-day preorder items.

I would like to change the message on my card. Is that possible?

Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure there's sufficient time for our operations team to make the amendment. Once the order is sent out, changes may not be feasible.

Facing payment or website issues?

Follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Clear your browser's cache.
  2. Try a different browser (Safari or Google Chrome recommended).
  3. Toggle airplane mode on, then off.
  4. Restart your wifi/data connection.
  5. Consider a different payment method.

If issues continue, contact us with a screenshot of the error. We're here to help!

Lachér to-go

Where can I find your menu?

You can view our menu here. We offer individual Petit Gateaux and some specialty drinks.

Can I get a whole cake at Lachér to-go?

While we don't stock whole cakes at Lachér to-go, you can pre-order them from our website and opt for pickup at Lachér to-go.

For same-day pickups, please order by 2pm.

Can I dine-in at Lachér to-go? And do you accept table reservations?

We offer limited seating for dine-in and do not take reservations due to space constraints.

Can I preorder for tomorrow or future date?

Next-day-orders are only accepted after 7pm.

Regrettably, preordering for a future date is unavailable due to our daily menu changes.

Do you provide delivery from Lachér to-go?

We don't provide direct delivery from Lachér to-go. If you need delivery, consider using a third-party service. Remember to order a car (not a motorbike) and inform the driver of your order number and name.