Pistachio Raspberry

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Strong nutty pistachios, refreshing tangy raspberries - the best of both worlds

Made with raw imported pistachios, and fresh juicy raspberries, this widely loved European flavour pairing will arouse your tastebuds with a refreshing balance of rich, tangy, nutty pistachio-y, and sweet flavours that shine through beautiful layers of whip, sponge, marmalade, and crunch. Savour the strong natural taste of creamy pistachios, while still enjoying the cooling breath of raspberries and the chocolatey smoothness of white chocolate that gracefully adds pleasant blushes of sweet and tang to even out the nuttiness of the pistachios.

The cushiony bite of the tender pistachio sponge lets off a mellow earthy taste and a slight sweetness. The crisp aroma of the raspberry marmalade stimulates your senses as its sweet and tart flavours intertwine with the deep nutty tones of pistachios to form an appetising mix of floral, fruity, and mild flavour profiles that are refreshing to the palate. The pistachio crunch adds a contrasting texture and features the delicate taste of pistachios along with their woody toasted notes. The smooth pistachio whip gives you an additional flavour boost and acts as a textural and flavour complement to this overall tart-nutty-sweet cake. The pistachio white chocolate gourmet that coats the cake serves you with a polished chocolatey taste that bestows upon the cake a touch of vanilla-like sweetness.

Experience the distinct depth of flavours of natural creamy pistachios and luscious raspberries that intermingle to form a symphony of sweet, tart, and nutty flavours. Every flavour profile of pistachios, raspberries, and white chocolate embraces and accents the other in a way that will make you appreciate the tastes of these nature-born babies.


  • Size: 7cm x 18.5cm
  • Height: 5cm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Serving Size: 6-8 servings

Disclaimer: Please note that our cakes are handmade, and the size and measurements may vary slightly due to the baking process or other factors. We take the weight of the cake as the final measurement to ensure consistency in our products. We strive to provide the highest quality cakes and appreciate your understanding of the unique nature of our handmade products.

Contains dairy, egg, gelatine (bovine), gluten, nuts (almond, pistachio).


Butter, Cocoa Butter, Egg, Feuillitine, Flour, Gelatine (Bovine), Ground Almond, NH Pectin, Oil, Pistachio, Raspberry, Raspberry Puree, Sugar, Whipping Cream, White Chocolate

Refrigeration (0-4°C): Keep refrigerated immediately upon receipt for at least 30 mins. Avoid freezing.

Serving Temp. (10°C - 12°C): Take the cake out from the fridge right before serving.

Best Consumed Within 2 Days: Maintain freshness for up to 4 days with proper refrigeration.

Cutting: Use a stainless steel knife for clean slices.

Consumption: Fork into every layer to savour the full experience.

By Car: Due to temperature sensitivity, we recommend transporting our cakes only by car.

Flat Surface: Ensure the cake is on a level surface at all times.

Short Journey (up to 1 hour): Keep AC on high; avoid sun exposure.

Longer Journey (over 1 hour): Use a cooler bag and ice packs to preserve cake freshness.

(Note: We do not provide cooler bags with orders, but our deliveries are made using cooler bags for optimal quality.)


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