Happy Birthday Cake Topper

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Specially designed by Gut Studio, this one-of-a-kind birthday cake topper sweetly exclaims Happy Birthday in a very pretty cursive lettering! It's a complementary accessory which fits perfectly into all of our cakes. Simply pop the topper into the cake, light up some candles, dim the lights, and let it glisten attractively in charming silver as the birthday song is sung and a wish is made.

This birthday cake topper is simple, convenient, and preserves the beauty of our cakes - which is important for someone's special day.

Plus, it complements our cakes more, dontchu think? ;)

How to Use

Peel the seal, insert the pointed end into the cake - just enough for it to stand upright. 

Material and Measurements

Material: Acrylic
Colour: Silver
Width: 11.5cm
Height: 13.5cm