Curvy Birthday Candle Set (6pcs)

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If you're celebrating a birthday with cake, you're definitely going to need candles. Some say candles are lit on birthdays as it represents the light of life. If that's really the case, then we think that's beautiful and that candles are a special necessity for birthday cakes!

These candles have got curves in all the right places and come in chic gold. Simply light the tip of the candle up and watch the beautiful soft candlelight complement the gentle tones of gold from the candle. It will definitely make the ambience and the occasion a lot more special.

Oh and hey, if you've got a Harry Potter-themed birthday, then these candles make great wands too (as a candle, we mean!) ;)

How to Use

Insert the pointed end slightly into the cake - just enough for it to stand upright. Light the wick.

Colour & Measurement

Colour: Champagne Gold
Quantity: 6 pcs
Candle Length (included holder): 16cm