Why Fresh Cookie CNY Gift Sets are the best alternatives to CNY hampers this 2024!

Why Fresh Cookie CNY Gift Sets are the best alternatives to CNY hampers this 2024!

Unbox Abundance This Chinese New Year—Where Cookies Weave a CNY Tale.

In the realm of festive gifting, the decision between pre-packaged hampers and meticulously curated gift sets holds the power to shape the entire gifting experience. While both options carry their allure, CNY gift sets with fresh cookies offer a refreshing departure from the conventional CNY hamper— especially the ones with factory-made treats—infusing a touch of innovation and uniqueness into your celebrations.

Carefully Curated CNY Cookies—designed to stand out

  • In every Chinese New Year cookie set with handcrafted fresh cookies, the emphasis is on ensuring that each cookie stands out distinctly, diverging from the commonplace factory-made treats often found in traditional CNY hampers.
  • With a meticulous focus on the cookies as the centrepiece, the chefs behind these gift sets devote 100% attention and care to their creation, with each cookie uniquely designed from scratch to add a refreshing twist to the usual CNY treats.
  • Anticipate delightful surprises in flavour and texture, deviating from the norm and offering a distinctive festive experience.
  • These cookies are usually not just standalone treats; they are thoughtfully made to complement each other seamlessly, distinguishing them from the typical assortments found in conventional CNY hampers.
  • Lachér's 2024 CNY gift sets exemplify this thoughtful curation, presenting 7 types of CNY cookies—each with Asian-Loved Flavours and French Influences—plus a delightful set of Petit Travel Cakes. They are all handmade from scratch with excellent, intentionally selected ingredients.

Unique and Aesthetically-Pleasing Packaging—for a heartfelt touch

  • Within these CNY gift sets featuring fresh cookies, the design of the packaging is deliberate and thoughtful, centring around a specific theme that resonates with the spirit of the festival. This stands in stark contrast to factory-made CNY hampers, often confined to common pre-packaged red designs.
  • These packages transcend mere functionality; they serve as expressions of creativity, aesthetically pleasing and carefully crafted to provide a more heartfelt and personal touch.
  • Tailored for gifting, the intention is clear—to make a statement and convey a sense of care. Every detail is meticulously taken care of, showcasing your consideration for the recipient.
  • Beyond being containers, these packages are designed to stand out, ensuring a unique and awe-inspiring experience for the recipient—a departure from the ordinary, guaranteeing a fresh and distinctive gift that the recipient has likely never encountered before.
  • Lacher's 2024 CNY gift sets take this concept a step further, as they are meticulously designed from scratch to reflect the essence of CNY. Symbolising the tree of abundance, the packaging is intentionally illustrated with colours of nature, promising a refreshing celebration and inviting prosperity into your home.

Convenient Delivery Options—a flexible gifting experience

  • Both CNY hampers and gift sets provide the convenience of delivery and shipping, although the distinction lies in the quality and experience they offer.
  • Traditional hampers that are limited to factory-made cookies and treats present a different culinary and sensory experience.
  • Fresh CNY cookies are typically only accessible to individuals in the same geographical area.
  • However, CNY gift sets that are made with comprehensive quality for the purpose of gifting extend beyond location constraints.
  • Meticulous care is taken in both the preparation of the cookies and the packaging to ensure a safe and fresh delivery, making these gift sets a delightful experience even for those at a distance.
  • This unique approach allows people from all over to savour the exceptional quality of fresh CNY cookies and fully appreciate the entire gifting experience.
  • Lacher's 2024 CNY gift sets are dedicated to ensuring the festival's joy is delivered in peak condition to all corners of West Malaysia, from the freshness of their pineapple jam to the crumbliness of their cookies.

    Offering same-day delivery to KL and Selangor, convenient pickup at two locations (Lachér Patisserie, KD, and Lachér to-go, KL), and interstate shipping of CNY cookies to the rest of West Malaysia.

Customisation—for a personal touch

  • The distinctive advantage of gift sets extends beyond mere flexibility to full-fledged customisation.
  • In a market rich with options, you can meticulously select a combination that not only includes handcrafted cookies but also features packaging tailored to suit your recipient.
  • This personalised touch goes beyond the limited options offered by pre-packaged hampers, where the assortment is fixed and treats are chosen without the buyer's input.
  • Gift sets, on the other hand, present a curated selection, reflecting your intimate knowledge of the recipient and ensuring a thoughtful gift.
  • Lacher's cookie set comes in a set of 3, or in individual sets—A set of pineapple tarts, a set of shortbread sandwiches in 3 flavours, and a set of sable butter cookies in 3 flavours. This caters to a diverse range of preference while allowing for you to personalise the sets or gift them whole as it is!

Gift Sets: A Thoughtful Gesture 

Amidst the delightful array of CNY cookies and hampers your loved ones receive, gift sets ensure a memorable and fresh experience that will bring joy to your recipients, and will stand out among the rest. Enter a world where every gift tells a unique story, making your festive celebrations extra special.

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