2023 Lachér Snowskin Mooncake Set — Serenity

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Presenting our 2023 Snowskin Mooncake Set — Serenity  歲月靜好
One-of-a-kind mooncakes & sentimental packaging for a standout gifting experience. More than just mooncakes, discover the joy of gifting with purpose.

8 French-inspired snow skin mooncakes
Discover an array of 8 French-inspired snow skin mooncake creations, including selections that draw inspiration from our renowned whole cake flavours. Encased in a velvety snow skin boasting a mochi-like texture, these mooncakes offer a satisfyingly soft and chewy experience that harmonises flawlessly with their subtly sweet profiles, embracing the essence of French-Asian elegance while maintaining a delightful restraint in sweetness.

  1. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Snow Skin 黑巧克力榛果冰皮
  2. Matcha Red Bean Snow Skin 抹茶紅豆冰皮
  3. Raspberry Snow Skin 樹莓冰皮
  4. Yuzu Mango Snow Skin 柚子芒果冰皮
  5. Purple Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Snow Skin 紫薯奶油芝士冰皮
  6. Black Sesame Almond Praline Snow Skin 黑芝麻杏仁冰皮
  7. Pandan Gula Melaka Snow Skin 斑蘭椰糖冰皮
  8. Madagascar Vanilla Snow Skin 馬達加斯加香草冰皮

Packaging that Expresses Heartfelt Emotion
In a nod to the '90s, our mooncake packaging harmoniously merges minimalist aesthetics with a vibrant, vintage colour palette. The exterior boasts a pristine white canvas, intricately embossed to radiate a modern allure. Upon sliding open the box, a colourful and captivating journey unfolds, washing over you with a comforting wave of nostalgia. This peaceful picture is complemented by a retro-ish stamp adorned with a '90s flair, bringing back memories of the past. The interior reveals a serene moonlit scene, reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings, depicting an elegant lady enjoying mooncakes under a tree. This seamless fusion of modernity and age-old Chinese tradition is not the result of mere imitation; our dedicated designers, wheresgut, meticulously crafted every element from scratch, ensuring an exclusive masterpiece that resonates with the heart of mooncake festivities. The design's unique embossing creates a tactile connection to the meticulous artistry behind it; It invites you to explore its intricate details, rekindling the essence of mooncake celebrations in a contemporary, yet sentimentally familiar light.

💌 A Little Gesture in Support of Sustainability
Due to the availability of excess paper from the printing process that was still perfectly usable, we decided to upcycle and repurpose it into a beautifully crafted message card. The message card can also be preserved in photo frames, adding an eco-friendly touch to your keepsakes. Write your heartfelt wishes and watch your recipient be sweetly surprised.