Here's a tropical cake so refreshing, one just isn't enough!

Here's a tropical cake so refreshing, one just isn't enough!

The start of something new.
We've reached the last quarter of the year; It's about time we add something fresh yet still exceptional to the table. We're introducing our oblong series of cakes titled, Finir, where our cakes rock in captivating rectangle and soft edges. It's made an outstanding appearance during the Christmas season last year, and now we're permanently bringing it back on the menu with the launch of this exciting series where every forkful is beautifully even and proportionately intertwined.

We're proud to kick off this series with Tropical - an insanely luscious coconut mango passionfruit mousse cake! Living in Malaysia, where tropical rainforests bloom and tropical fruits grow in abundance, we decided that it's only right that the taste of the tropics be the pioneer of our newly launched collection. This means refreshing exotic fruits! I would describe this taste as being caressed by a cool summer's breeze and embraced by sweet sunshine. It really does allow you to unwind and breathe easy.

Lip-smacking. Refreshing. Oh-so relaxing.
Almost the entirety of this cake is made of fresh coconut, mango, and passionfruit. With every slice, you'll be enticed by a stunning mango passionfruit compote in deep orange nuzzled in between two layers of almond genoise in the light tones of sunbeam yellow topped by an immaculate layer of cream white coconut mousse. A delicate white chocolate gourmet scattered with almond nibs coats the cake while five quenelle shaped Chantilly lime mousse sprayed in white velvet rests calmly on top of it. Overall, this cake is charismatic in its serenity. The lack of colour is intentional as we want its dreamy white appearance to subtly stand out and charm you in the gentlest of ways.

To truly experience the remarkable performance by the distinct flavours and textures of this cake, I suggest forking up every layer together - from top to bottom - and popping it all at once into your mouth. The light and airy coconut mousse will instantly melt in your mouth while the rich, slightly nutty, and sweet breeze of coconut will tenderly brush your palate. The fruity compote, purely made of fresh mango, passionfruit, and some sugar, will give you a tangy sweet kick before interlacing in the most delicate way with the kind breath of coconut. As the mango passionfruit compote and coconut cools your system, your teeth will enjoy the crunch of the almond nibs while they pleasantly sink into the cloud-like almond sponge infused with lime zest which will softly blow a citrusy scent at your palate. Doesn't it sound tempting?

We wanted our first cake in this series to be one that's dear to us, yet still enjoyable by many Malaysians. We also hope that it'll be a pleasant surprise to all lovers of our Tropicana Coconut Lachér Delight (once on the menu, now back in the form of cake)! Aside from that, we figured that it was about time we came out with a spongier option for you guys because we know that a lot of you enjoy sponge cakes too! So, moving forward, you'll find our Coconut Mango Passionfruit cake right next to our ever so popular Strawberry Shortcake. They'll be the spongiest of friends!

An everyday cake - now, later, whenever.
The lightness of the mousse, the softness of the sponge, and the soothing compote all make out for a lovely day's break. Good day or bad, we want this cake to be something you can go to whenever you need a snack, a friend, some comfort, or some joy. It's delicious, affordable, and greatly relieving. All it takes is at least 1 day preorder for our Coconut Mango Passionfruit Mousse Cake to reach you. We hope you're just as excited to try this cake as we are to share it with you!

Oh, and did we mention? This series is here to stay! Expect more delectable oblong cakes in the near future! And like every other cake of ours, they'll be available for delivery to KL and most parts of Selangor!

Down to give this simple, yet one-of-a-kind cake a try? Don't be shy and share us your thoughts with the hashtag #TreatsWithLacher on Instagram and Facebook! 

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