Limited Edition

This collection features all our limited edition treats and gift boxes.

Gift-giving plays an important part in every human interaction. It's a warm fuzzy feeling to see your loved one's eyes light up in pure joy and happiness when a little present comes their way. Since people love gifting, especially during festive seasons and on special occasions, we launch premium unique gift sets along with one-of-a-kind cakes, tarts, or cookies for you to gift to your loved ones every important season! Whether you're sending a gift to your family, friends, colleagues, or clients, we will have something for you. 

For every festive season and special day, such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc., we introduce something special for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. 

A lot of thought goes into each special gift box. From the flavours and design of each cake, tart, or cookie, all the way down to the packaging, our team will always ensure their quality is above par and will deliver only the best to you and your loved ones. 

Please contact us if you wish to place a bulk order [for orders with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 20].

*Limited edition products will not be restocked once it is sold out.*

2021 Limited Editions Release on
Father's Day June (Available Now)
Mother's Day April (Sold Out)
Hari Raya Aidilfitri Cookies Gift Box - Memorable Eid April (Sold Out)
Chinese New Year Cookies Gift Box - Blessings Jan (Sold Out)