2021 Mother's Day Cake - an impressive Guava Mango Mousse cake for your mom to unwind.

2021 Mother's Day Cake - an impressive Guava Mango Mousse cake for your mom to unwind.

Because your mom deserves the best.

Mak, Ah ma, Amma, Ma, Mama, Mom, grandma, auntie…you know, the lovely ladies in your life who have sacrificed so much for you? Shower them with some extra TLC and sprinkle some light onto their day this Mother's day with a spectacular fragrant tropical cake specially made for all awesome moms and mom figures out there! This cake will definitely be a gift she will remember because it's so different than any other cake out there that she would never have expected it. We know that moms do their best to ensure that we have everything we need, even if that means sacrificing a lot of their time and energy for us. And often times, it seems like they can never catch a break (especially during the pandemic). That's why, we wanted to do something extra special for all our superwoman moms by coming up with an incredibly light and refreshing cake that would loosen up all the knots of any stressful mom out there and give them a relaxing break.

A gentle embrace of tropical flavours.

Introducing our Guava Mango Mascarpone Cake! A beautiful fragrant cake in soft pink with the tropical flavours of guava and mango. This one-of-a-kind circular cake has perfect layers of guava mango compote, honey sponge, lemon mascarpone mousse, and almond crunch. A shiny glaze in pink blush ravishingly coats the cake while a coral pink milk chocolate decoration belts it. Pretty roses piped in Chantilly cream and sprayed with velvet tops the cake and is housed by another coral pink chocolate decoration as a stunning finish. The different tones of soft pink symbolises appreciation, love, and gratitude - all the emotions and feelings you'd want to express to your mom this Mother's day. This simply elegant cake will make you fall in love at first sight, entice your eyes with every slice, and enchant your palate with every bite.

On opening the cake box that this Mother's day cake comes in, you'll immediately be greeted by the fragrant calming smell of this tropical cake - a joy to your senses! After taking in its fresh scent and beauty, award your salivating mouth with the first satisfying bite. Right away, you'll feel the gentle union of flavours whiff through your palate and caress your tastebuds in the most pleasant way; It's like a relaxing summer's day under the gentle evening breeze.

The smooth lemon mascarpone mousse will melt in your mouth almost instantly as your teeth sinks into the refreshing jelly-like mango guava compote and crunchy almond base. The combination of flavours are kind and rejoicing. The lemon from the mousse pairs exquisitely with the mellow sourness of the guava mango compote to give you a soothing feel. Occasionally, you'll be met with the softness of the honey sponge which not only polishes the taste of this cake with the perfect hint of honey, but delightfully balances out the different textures of every layer. The union of a variety of flavours and textures of this cake makes this Mother's day cake eating experience an exciting one!

Like a breath of fresh air, it'll do wonders to your palate.

Cake is a great way to celebrate someone! Because (almost) everyone loves great cake. Plus, it makes people happy. Instead of the usual sponge cake, from decadent moist chocolate cakes to pretty red velvet cupcakes that you could get from a lot of online cake shops or even your local bakery, this year could be the year you surprise your mom with a delicate French cake in soft pink that she'll absolutely adore. Our guava mango mascarpone mousse cake was carefully thought out with busy mothers in mind. It's such a distinct cake, with a cloud-like lightness and a relaxing coolness that will definitely make this special day an extra special and memorable one. 

While everyday is a good day to show your mother appreciation and gratitude (as you should), Mother's day is the perfect day to honour the insane sacrifices our moms have made for us, a lot of which we do not even realise. Your mom is a special woman who deserves all the great things in life and to be showered with all the love in the world.

"Mama, this one's for you."

They say food is the way to a woman's heart. Well, this impressive dessert will certainly tug at her heartstrings. Because it tastes heavenly, it's relaxing, and most importantly, it was gifted by you (the child who's always been in her heart).

Whether you're carefully weighing out your Mother's day gift options or are looking for a last minute Mother's day gift, our Guava Mango Mascarpone Mousse cake will be at your service, as this cake is available for delivery to the Klang Valley area with at least 1 day preorder. So, if you would like to surprise your lovely mom with an awesome present, you can always hop onto our online cake shop to place your orders and have us deliver this cake to her anywhere in KL and PJ.

And remember, if you cannot afford to treat the special lady in your life to this tasty Mother's day cake, that's absolutely okay. Just treat her right. That's the best Mother's day gift any child can give.

One last thing!

Don't forget to tell your mama you love her.

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