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Entremets: What are they and why you should try them!

Entremets: What are they and why you should try them!

| Navisha C

Entremets (translating to ‘between courses’ in French) are classic French cakes that go way back. They were referred to as little treats that were served in between dishes back in the day. However, today, to put it simply, entremets are technical French desserts that have layers and layers of delicate textures and flavour combinations, which if executed correctly i.e at the right temperatures, the right textures, and the right balance of these textures and flavours, to name a few, leave people starstruck.

Every texture in an entremet plays a crucial part in bringing out an ingredient’s flavour because the consistency of textures affects the depth of an ingredient’s flavour. These cakes generally consist of mousse, cream, sponge, a layer of crunch, and basically, some other kind of filling that individually complement one another in terms of the mouthfeel it gives, and the blend of flavour profiles it releases. These desserts are complex, but flexible enough that nowadays, some pastry chefs show off their skills, along with their creative and artistic sides by creating jaw-dropping entremets that boasts bold flavour pairings, satisfyingly feel-good textures, and eye-catching visuals. It’s the kind of dessert that’s made with a lot of finesse and leaves one with a new sense of appreciation.

Our entremets

At Lacher, we’ve got entremets and entremet tarts! Entremet tarts are basically entremets, but all their attractive layers, from a velvety melt-in-the-mouth mousse, a cloud-like sponge cake, a luscious cremeux, to an extra layer of textured filling that differs with each dessert according to the flavours we intend to highlight, sit cozily on a crispy tart shell. And of course, you can’t forget the glaze that shines an ethereal gloss.

Do we go crazy with our flavour pairings? No. So what makes each entremet stand out? Our flavour combos are either widely loved classics in the Western world that we believe will sit well with fellow Malaysians, or flavours that have so much depth to them that we know if properly brought out, would add a lot of value and oomph to a dessert. Every textured layer is made of different techniques and procedures to enhance the flavours naturally loaded within these textures. Not only do they feel good in the mouth when consumed, but they individually showcase and accentuate the finest flavour profiles of the ingredients that we use - either fruit, chocolate, or both!

Taking matcha as an example, many of us might only describe its taste to be strong or bitter. But there’s so much more to the flavour of matcha that many of us don’t quite see or experience - the vegetal, sweet, bitter, umami, savoury flavour profiles. Our Uji Matcha Tart brings out the best intensities of these flavour profiles through its diverse layers of soft Matcha Almond cream, velvety mousse, cushiony sponge, and creamy matcha ganache. Coupled with sweet adzuki red beans, you experience an orchestra of complementing bitter, sweet, nutty, and savoury tunes.

Another example would be the classic chocolate - widely loved, and can be found almost everywhere - mainly desserts, pastry, coffee, beverages, and candy! But did you know that there are 2 kinds of chocolate (couverture and compound) that serve different purposes and that chocolate (depending on where the cocoa beans are sourced and how they are made) has an incredible plethora of flavours that unless you’re a chocolate enthusiast, they’re mainly under-appreciated or gone unnoticed (which is a shame)?

One of the chocolates which has a wonderful balance of bitter blushes, sweet spices, roasted notes, and fruity touches is the Caraibe 66% dark chocolate which is part of Valrhona’s (one of the best chocolate manufacturers in the world) Grands Crus Blend range. Highlighted in our Valrhona Caraibe Hazelnut Praline mousse cake which comfortably sits at the number 1 spot in our bestsellers list all year round, every textured layer eaten together will almost instantly pause you in your first bite as the impressive flavours of the chocolate seep out of every crunch, fluff, cream, and melt-in-the-mouth velvet and blends into a melodious symphony.

Artistic freedom

Entremets are often unique and represent the personality of the pastry chef. Many chefs create their own versions - this includes designs, the number of layers, the textures of each layer, and flavour pairings. These desserts are so versatile that pastry chefs can whip up interesting flavours through expressive styles and arrange them in a way that not only paints a story of some sort but screams “wow, what a top-tier dessert!” Our creative tone leans more toward minimalism with a sense of elegance - reflecting the Chef’s laid-back, chill, and gentleman-like personality (no, really!). While they are nothing too ‘out there,’ each simple design is detailed, technical, carefully thought up, and is positioned in a way where they accent the entremets grandly, yet ever so quietly; In a room full of cakes, entremets are the kind of desserts that stand out, grab attention, and draw you in.


Whether it's French, Japanese, or Italian-inspired, Lacher’s exciting entremets, along with their cakes, tarts, cookies, and products in general, are Muslim-friendly! Entremets are relatively still new to the Malaysian dessert scene but they have been gaining popularity over the years. As entremets are basically what blossomed our love for French desserts and inspired us to open our little French-inspired bakery on the grounds of Malaysia, we made sure that all the ingredients we use are halal, while still doing the French entremets justice. Everyone deserves a taste of good dessert, and we want fellow Malaysians to take pleasure in the convenience of enjoying these popular French desserts that utilise French pastry skills while still experiencing the beauty of these technical desserts - in looks and most especially, in taste.

No ordinary cake: An experience worth having.

Entremets are unlike ordinary layered cakes. They’re sort of like a Frenchier version of the typical layered cake - a whole other set of techniques, chemistry, ingredients, and textures working hand in hand, and a more diverse play of textures and flavours! If you do get a chance to try a great one, pay attention to their textures, the flavour profiles that ooze out of every textured layer, and the blend of each of these flavours into one harmonious piece. One slice is enough to woo you, and one taste is enough to make you hooked.