This classy 2021 Father's day mousse cake is the perfect gift for dad this FMCO

This classy 2021 Father's day mousse cake is the perfect gift for dad this FMCO

Because dad's always 'bean' there.

It's time for dad to put on his crown and let us hype him up. He's the King of the household, your family's protector, the first man you've ever loved. What better way to celebrate Father's day and show your dad that you appreciate him than by surprising him with a delicious cake so distinct and specific to Father's day?! Since dads are known for their classic dad jokes, we've come up with a beanlicious orange coffee chocolate mousse cake as our 2021 Father's day special, entitled Mister Bean because dads have always 'bean' there. See what we did there? We're sure your dad will appreciate that pun. 

This year's Father's day cake is specially made for cafephiles (but it'll still be a banger for non-coffee lovers, we're almost positive)! With a mature brown tone and a simple coffee bean chocolate decoration as the finishing touch, coffee takes center stage while milk chocolate and orange shines brightly in the background. Having 6 layers of varying textures, you'll be delightfully impressed by how some layers melt almost instantly in your mouth as others give you a gratifying crunch. This cake is more than just a coffee cake. It gets its brilliance from the orange marmalade that harmonises exquisitely with the coffee chocolate pairing which is the overall theme of this cake. You'll feel a soft citrusy breath of orange marmalade graze your palate almost instantly as the lightness of the coffee chocolate duo kicks in, greeting you with an enjoyable symphony of flavours.

Coffee + Orange + Chocolate - how even? 

A coffee, orange, and chocolate mix may seem like an unusual one, but they make a superior combo when executed perfectly. Every layer has been carefully formulated to ensure that a wonderful blend of flavours is achieved as a whole. The beautifully airy textured mousse, stabilised by cold, gets its clean and light coffee taste from Arabica coffee beans which is slowly infused into the cream when making the mousse. The vibrant marmalade layer which makes this cake stand out is essentially oranges in its purest form. The citrusy fruit is poached to reduce its bitterness before blended with sugar, then cooked until thickened. This whole marmalade making process takes about 5 hours. So, a lot of patience comes with making the perfect marmalade.

Next comes the milk chocolate coffee cremeux - a dense creamy layer with a delicate coffee feel. Weiss Galaxie milk chocolate, one of the finest chocolates made in France using only pure cocoa butter, is used to royally balance out the coffee content in the cremeux. Just a little nibble, and the superiority of the chocolate unfolds. Valrhona chocolate has always been the star of all our chocolate cakes, but this time, we're introducing Weiss chocolate as the main chocolate component of our Father's day cake. It's just as premium as Varlhona chocolate with an incredible chocolate scent.

Our cakes go through the R&D process numerous times until our team of expert chefs are content with the overall finish of the cake - from taste to design. As for this Father's day cake, the coffee content was increased to reduce the overall sweetness that comes from the milk chocolate. You'll see this in the layer of coffee genoise that is soaked with espresso which does a spectacular job in bringing the flavours of every other layer together.

A superior cake for a superior man.

It's not always that you'll find such bold combination of flavours in a dessert that is sure to entice the palate of most adults. This cake has an outstanding blend of flavours that presents your sense of taste with an enjoyable experience. You'll taste the richness of the coffee, the sweet tang of orange marmalade, and the elaborate taste of the chocolate - all in tune with one another. This orange coffee chocolate mousse cake is one of the best Father's day gift you can surprise your dad with this year. Whether or not you're separated from your fathers this FMCO, Father's day remains a special one. 

Dads must be exhausted being our heroes. It's time they take a break and relax with some good cake. 

Happy Father's Day to all the heroes out there! 

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