Petit Gateaux—Why these mini cakes are some of the best desserts you can find!

Petit Gateaux—Why these mini cakes are some of the best desserts you can find!

Petit gateaux—more than just a little cake.

Ahh, petit gateaux…what in the French is this?!

Simply put, they mean little cakes in French. So, why not just call them little cakes then, right? Well, it's because these French confections are more than just little cakes. A whole lot of technique and craftsmanship go into making these dainty cakes that are not only incredibly tasty, but look aesthetically pleasing too. They are so distinct, and have a class of their own, that when you see a petit gateau, you'll just know that that's what it is. A 'little cake' won't even brush your mind.

While the petit gateaux is slowly becoming more known to fellow Malaysians, if you pay a visit to your local bakery, or scroll through a bunch of online cake shops, the chances of you coming across a petit gateau is slim because these French desserts are no easy dessert to make. Despite that, we truly believe that these little cakes could take the Malaysian dessert world by storm because of just how brilliantly flavourful yet miniature they are!

Here are 4 reasons why the petit gateaux make some of the best desserts out there!

1. Experience a variety of textures and flavours in one bite.
These mini cakes will leave you awed by the different textures and flavours that they each present you with at every bite. Each cake is unique, with bold combinations of flavours that is different than just any ordinary cake. Imagine biting into a cake and being met with bursts of crunchy, velvety, chewy, and airy textures dancing in your mouth to the striking flavours of chocolate, vanilla, citrus, caramel, combination of flavours you wouldn't have expected,..the list goes on. Realise it or not, you're sure to devour it with gusto. It really is an outstanding dessert that's beyond compare and you'll be able to instantly tell.

(Credit: @shaoomin)

2. Craftsmanship
The petit gateau is no simple cake. It is truly a work of art. A great deal of technique go into making every layer of the cake, and a whole lot of craftsmanship goes into perfecting the appearance of each cake. Each chef is an artist and the cake is his canvas. You would think that it takes way less time to create these petit cakes, but here's a fun fact—the time it takes to make a petit gateau is roughly the same as the time it would take a whole sized cake to be baked! Think about that for a second. Skill, creativity, attention, and patience are what gives these little cakes their excellence. These dazzling little pieces are so elegant and impressive that we bet your loved ones would feel incredibly special if they were to receive them as a gift from you.

3. It is the perfect portion for one.
Whether or not you're full after a hearty meal and want to make space for desserts, or if you are simply craving for desserts and don't want to snack on an entire cake (or a slice of cake), then the petit gateaux is the way to go. Too much of the same cake, it gets boring after awhile or you may just feel sick. Being the perfect size, consider the petit gateaux your full dessert—one you can consume all on your own without having to worry about it being cloying, or one you can share with a friend. It is light enough to not make you uncomfortably nauseous and delicious enough to leave you in a good mood.

(Credit: dalelee_123)

4. You've got choices.
That's right! If you want to buy a petit gateau, you can either get yourself one little cake; Or get yourself a few. Lachér Patisserie offers them in a set of 4! What's so great about this, you ask? Well, think about it. If you're having brunch with some friends and have brought along a set of petit gateaux to share, you'll all have options to choose from. So, if one of the mini cakes doesn't tickle your fancy, go for the next one. As no one cake has boring (or the same) flavours, you'll be sure to find one that you like. Or you can just have a little taste of everything. This way, everyone gets cake!

Petit gateaux - They shine grandly, albeit petit.

So there you have it! 4 convincing (at least we think they are) reasons why the petit gateaux make a fantastic dessert! Get these mini cakes and gift it to your friend for their birthdays, celebrate your anniversary with these cakes, propose with these cakes, showcase them at your wedding, or simply have them for brunch, teatime, as a late night snack,…the possibilities are endless. Or you could even make your own Café Gourmand—a little French trend for getting your dessert in without having to go all out for dessert. It's like a dining experience that's faster to consume and feels a whole lot lighter.

So, if you've never gotten yourself a petit gateau and are dying to try these delicate little treats, you're just in luck! We sell our petit gateaux in sets of 4 with each set having variations of tarts and cakes. This means that you're likely to find something you like, if not all! Their bright colours and distinct flavours are sure to make you come back for more! These little cakes are available for delivery/pickup every Tuesdays and Sundays. If you're interested in getting your hands on these treats, place your orders at least 1 day before by 5pm, and we'll have them delivered right to you.

Now you don't have to worry about whether your friend would like that cake you're thinking of sending them. Just gift them a box of petit gateaux for their birthday and rid yourself of the 'what if they don't like it?' thought.

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