2024 CNY — Petit Travel Cake Set

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Indulge in the inviting aroma and luxurious butteriness of our travel cakes made exclusively for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2024. With a moist, dense, exquisitely balanced, and melt-in-the-mouth experience, they redefine the expectations of the traditional butter cake. This elegant CNY special is ideal for the Asian tastebuds and for you who prefers spongy cakes! 

Orange Travel Cake: Made with real fresh oranges, the orange marmalade is vibrantly citrusy, offering an incredibly refreshing and a pleasantly zesty note. Enjoy a texture contrast as the smooth and chunky marmalade melts in the mouth to the velvety butter.

Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Travel Cake: Immerse yourself in the irresistibly intense and bittersweet flavour of our handmade dark chocolate sauce, meticulously crafted to moisten the sponge and provide a velvety richness that complements the buttery notes of the cake.

Raspberry Rose Travel Cake: Infused with luscious handmade raspberry marmalade, each bite offers an irresistible burst of fruity sweetness, floral notes of rotes complemented by a subtle tart undertone that refreshes you with every bite.

Gifting ready, and perfect for on-the-go indulgence, our travel cake are petit in size, easy to carry along, and dressed for any occasion. They stay fresh and delectable at room temperature, ensuring a delightful treat wherever your journey takes you, CNY or not.

  • Weight: 210g+/pc
  • Diameter: 12.6cm (L) x 4.6cm (W) x 5.7cm (H)
  • Serving Size: 2 - 3 serving /pc

Disclaimer: Please note that our products are handmade, and the size and measurements may vary slightly due to the baking process or other factors. We take the weight of the product as the final measurement to ensure consistency in our products. We strive to provide the highest quality products and appreciate your understanding of the unique nature of our handmade products.

Contains dairy, egg, gelatine (bovine), gluten, nuts (almond).


Orange Pound Cake

Baking Powder, Butter, Egg, Flour, Icing Sugar, Lemon, Lemon Peel, NH Pectin, Oil, Orange, Passionfruit Puree, Sugar, Trimoline, White Chocolate.

Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Pound Cake

Baking Powder, Butter, Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Pearl, Egg, Flour, Gelatin Powder (Bovine), Glucose, Ground Almond, Honey, Icing Sugar, Milk Chocolate, Sugar, Trimoline, Whipping Cream.

Raspberry Rose Pound Cake

Baking Powder, Butter, Egg, Flour, Freeze Dried Raspberry, Gelatin Powder (Bovine), Icing Sugar, Lemon, Oil, Raspberry Chocolate Pearl, Raspberry Marmalade, Raspberry Puree, Rose Compound, Sugar, Trimoline.

Storage: Keep at room temperature or refrigerated.

Serving Suggestion: For optimal texture, serve at room temperature.

Best consumed: Within 2 days if kept at room temperature, or within 3 days if stored in the chiller.

By Car/Motorbike: Please ensure it remains on a flat surface throughout transit to preserve its appearance and structure.


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