1 Day Preorder

These cakes are available for delivery/pickup every day with a minimum of 1-day preorder by 2pm. Our strawberry shortcakes are prepared one day earlier so that the cakes can absorb the natural fruity notes of the strawberries. Our Raspberry Valrhona Jivara Mousse cake, on the other hand, requires at least 1-day preorder as the cake needs to be glazed way earlier before it is ready to be sent out for delivery because of its consistency.  

The authentic berry flavours in these 2 cakes will burst through your palate in the most delicious way and you'll be able to savour the combination of fruity and tang that mixes ever so wonderfully together. So, if you're a real berry fan, these 1-day preorder cakes would be the ones to go for.

Order anytime, at least 1 day before, by 2pm for a fruity galore. 

Add them to your cart before it's too late!